Havaco Technologies

HaVACo Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures superior quality plastic air distribution products including plastic air diffusers, plastic grilles, plastic start collars, and more. Experience the revolutionary plastic 2X2 Supply and Return Lay Ins featuring the one-of-kind Quick Connect System to simplify installation and maintenance.

Superior Quality Plastic
Won't Rust, Corrode or Discolor

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  • Aug 01, 2016

    Made in AmERIca, Made Right Here

    HaVACo Technologies was proudly featured in a segment of "Made in AmERIca, Made Right Here" on WJET/WFXP TV in Erie, Pa!


RFMA Conference - March 13-15, 2022
Visit us in Nashville, TN for the Superior Quality Plastic 2X2 that won't rust and is easier to maintain.

New Products Available Now

14" X 6" Surface Mounted Spiral Duct Grille

* 4 Way Throw
* High Impact Plastic - provides a durable, damage free product
* Won't ever rust
* Available in Gray or White

9" White Round Ceiling Diffuser

* High Quality White ABS Construction
* Won't ever rust
* Will never fade or discolor
* 360-Degree Air Diffusion Pattern
* (3) Securing Holes, 120-Degrees apart, 6-1/2" on center to line up with existing metal damper (furnished by others)
* Reducing boot also in development
* Ideal for retrofit and new construction

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