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Compare Plastic to Metal

Compare Plastic to Metal

Metal Disadvantages

(Cost In-Efficiency)

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Time consuming to install
  • Requires tape and/or mastic for secure seal
  • Susceptibility to rust, corrosion, and denting
  • Need to stock different collars for ductboard and metal trunklines
  • Rising metal prices

(Personal Injury)

  • Sharp edges and constant finger cuts
  • Some have told us a severe cut can cost $100/stitch and 2 days labor productivity

(Energy In-Efficiency)

  • Loose connections
  • Damper will NOT stay in place or seal
  • Potential for leakage due to loose metal-to-metal seam
  • Conductive energy loss
  • Low insulation value

Plus the Quick Connect's revolutionary design lets you pre-install your flex duct before getting in the attic or crawl space.