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Ul classification

The QuickZip pull materials are UL 94 and UL 181B rated.

The Quick Connect Start Collar and Damper are UL 2043 Classified (Test results can be downloaded) As a result of the preliminary meeting on July 16, 2007 both the UL 2043 as well as the NFPA 90A documents are being revised to clarify the applicability of UL 2043 for discrete products used in the air handling space which is where these fittings have been classified.

The updated scope states that the UL 2043 method can be used when UL 723 (E-84 Steiner Tunnel 25/50 test) is not applicable and is no longer limited to just electrical products.

1.1A This test may be used to determine fire performance and smoke characteristics of discrete, non-continuous building materials where the Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, UL 723, is not applicable.

1.2 The purpose of this test is to determine the rate of heat release and the rate of smoke release of the burning product samples as they relate to the requirements for fire-resistant and low-smoke producing characteristics in accordance with the provisions of the following codes: National Electric Code, NFPA 70, International Mechanical Code, NFPA 5000, Standard for the Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, NFPA 90A.

Additionally NFPA 90A is being revised to state that UL 2043 is to be used to assess "other discrete products" – not only loudspeakers and recessed lighting fixtures.